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Crime Prevention

JVC recognizes crime is growing in Canada, specifically targeting luxury products, like jewellery, among the over 4000 jewellery retailers and the 1200 suppliers. In response to this alarming growth rate, JVC's mandate has expanded to now include crime prevention, resource protection and safety awareness.

For more information contact the JVC office.

The Strike Back Against Jewellery Crime Package includes:

  1. Access to a database on criminal activity within the jewellery industry
  2. Crime Prevention Manual
  3. Crime Prevention Video
  4. Wanted Bulletins on dangerous jewellery criminals
  5. Crime Prevention Bulletins on effective security procedures
  6. Access to the JVC Security Library

Trade Members Complaint Mediation

It is part of JVC's mandate to mediate complaints between jewellery trade members in general by understanding both sides of a situation when it arises and encouraging compromise to effect an equitable solution for both parties. All complaints submitted to JVC must be done in writing and include any copies of appraisals, bill of sale, warranties, etc. Upon receipt of the proper documentation, JVC will contact the complainee with a file number and inform the complainee of what exactly JVC can do for them
There is an action package that any member of the jewellery industry in Canada can use to help encourage ethical growth in their particular marketplace.
The package includes:
1. JVC General Press release
2. Action Form for Violation/Non-compliance of Canadian Laws
3. Action Form for Questionable Bankruptcy/Liquidation Sales
4. Action Form for misleading advertising and deceptive marketing practices.
All information remains confidential and will be put into action with either Industry Canada or the RCMP. For more information contact the JVC office.

Industry Guidelines

JVC's mandate includes developing standards and guidelines for the Canadian Jewellery Industry.
For more information on the following guidelines please contact the JVC office directly.

Guidelines with Respect to the Sale and Marketing of Diamonds, Coloured Gemstones and Pearls

Jewellery Appraisal Guidelines Minimum Acceptable Standards

Industry Canada

JVC works closely with Industry Canada, the Competition Bureau and the Consumer Products directorate. The Competition Bureau - JVC files complaints received from consumers and the trade of misleading advertising and deceptive marketing practices with the Bureau. Over the last four years we have lobbied with the Bureau to encourage a closer look at our industry and the rampant use of misleading advertising.

Law Enforcement

JVC is in full partnership with the RCMP. We provide educational support as well as information pertaining to crime.With our new crime prevention package we will be working with all levels of law enforcement across Canada.

Press Releases

General Press Release

Jewellers Vigilance Canada Inc. is a non-profit association to advance ethical practices in the jewellery industry. This association will handle many different types of complaints from both within the industry and from consumers. The association works closely with Industry Canada, the Competition Bureau and the Consumer Products Directorate. Jewellers Vigilance Canada has also formed an alliance with the RCMP to help prevent fraudulent activity within this industry. All issues raised with Jewellers Vigilance Canada are carefully examined and handled in confidence. Names of members of the trade who fail to respond to communications from JVC regarding complaints lodged against them are regularly published in trade publications.

27 Queen Street East, Suite 600
Toronto, Ontario M5C 2M6
Tel (416) 368-4840 (416) 368-5552 Fax (800) 636-9536
E-mail info@jewellersvigilance.ca

JVC deals with ethical matters. In those matters failing within the confines of the Precious Metals Marking Act and of the Competition Act, the JVC works closely with Industry Canada, the RCMP, the FBI, US Postal Inspector's Office, matters failing under other legal statues, JVC is actively involved with the appropriate enforcement agencies. Since its inception, JVC has been engaged in a broad range of issues: appraisals, advertising, promotion, quality of workmanship, warranties, precious stones for investment, precious metals for investment, misrepresentation, counterfeiting of trademarks, trademark infringement and various other legal and ethical matters. JVC has expanded it's mandate to include crime prevention by offering our industry education on how to fight crime.

Code of Ethics and Standards of Practise

JVC members acknowledge that these principles are fundamental to the growth of an ethical industry, and therefore subscribe to the following commitments:

  1. Members of the JVC recognize an obligation - to the consumer, to the industry to which they belong and to each other - to practice the highest standards of honesty, truth, accuracy and fairness.

  2. It is the duty of every JVC member to protect the industry against fraud, misrepresentation and unethical practices in business transactions.

  3. All JVC members shall be cognizant of and conduct themselves according to the laws of Canada and any other country in which they do business.

  4. Members shall not practice misleading advertising or deceptive marketing and selling practices.

  5. Members shall only import, manufacturer or sell merchandise which does comply with The Precious Metals Marking Act and Regulations and the Diamond and Coloured Gemstone Guidelines.

  6. Members shall not import, manufacturer or sell merchandise that infringes on the use of a registered trade-mark or a trade name.

  7. Members shall not misrepresent merchandise as to its nature, authenticity, treatment and/or origin.

  8. Members shall not import or sell any merchandise which has been brought into Canada illegally or without all full duties and taxes paid in accordance with the laws of Canada.

  9. Members shall comply with the Appraisal Guidelines set forth by JVC, Industry Canada and the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

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